Acceptance & Trust

During the class we explored the chakras, mudras, kriyas and affirmations.

The Chakra system represents the subtle, energetic body so the focus less about the physical movement of yoga.  There are 7 main chakras, imagine them like a spinning wheel of energy.  Throughout the class we worked on clearing and moving energy through these wheels in order to let go of negativity and increase energy levels.  We focused on the root, sacral and heart chakras.  Below is a visualisation of the chakra system.

Mothering Lotus Mudra represents the river of energy that flows from your energetic heart space to your centre of creation (womb) and honours the growth of new life there.  Mudras are a great way to calm and bring harmony to the mind, body & soul.  The video below shows you how to practice this mudra.

Kriyas are an exercise involving breath work to achieve a specific outcome; kriya in sanskrit means 'completed action'.  We practiced leaving fear and welcoming challenge in preparation for what is to come.

The affirmations I read during the class at specific points during the class we to enhance the work we did on the chakra system; clearing negative energy, connecting to your baby and feeling safe & supported.

We practiced asanas with a partner to explore trust and acceptance of yourself and others.  Allowing others to help and support you and acknowledging the trust that requires from you.  Accepting all you are capable of and believing it.

Below are some meditations, the positive affirmations I used as well as the Active Birth Toolkit I have developed to support you.

"We are the only species of mammal that doubts our ability to give birth.  It's profitable to scare women about birth.  But let's stop.  I tell women; Your body is not a lemon" - Ina May Gaskin 

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