This sessions are available for all of the services.  They can be arranged as a single session or in blocks of 4/6.  They can be arranged at a time to suit you, take place at your home and all equipment is provided.  You can arrange these as small group sessions; like a private yoga class for you & your friends.  

  • Tailored to your needs.

  • ​Suitable from 12-42 weeks of pregnancy and 6-8 weeks until 2 years post birth.

Private Yoga

The focus is completely on you!  It's challenging to find childcare at times classes are on so that's why you can bring your little one with you.  You can practice yoga while they are next to you.  We'll work on;

  • strengthening the abdominal & pelvic floor muscles

  • as well as stretching from head to toe. 


Suitable from 6 - 8 weeks until approximately 12 months post birth.

Mum & Baby

Yoga Group

Pregnancy yoga combined with antenatal education.  Covering all you need to know for pregnancy and birth.  Suitable after your 12 week scan until 42 weeks of pregnancy.  Even if you have never practiced yoga before the focus is always on pregnancy so this suits beginners to those with a good yoga practice alike. 


They are also led by a midwife, so you'll feel reassured with all the information provided.

Pregnancy Yoga

A personalised yoga session really is the gift that keeps giving.  Pregnancy, birth and the transition to motherhood are such a unique time in a woman's life.  Yoga creates time and space for her to enjoy the journey, learn about the changes her body is going through and begin to know her baby.

Certificates are available in any number of sessions and are suitable for beginners and those with a good yoga practice.

  • For pregnancy yoga, suitable after 12 week scan until 42 weeks.

  • After birth; 6-8 week (vaginal birth)10-12 weeks (operative birth)

Gift Certificates

The focus is on you and your baby.  You'll practice yoga together and even if your little one decides to fall asleep on the way, you'll still get the benefit of having a yoga class just for you!  Suitable after you GP postnatal check.

  •  Vaginal birth 6 - 8 weeks

  • Operative birth 10 -12 weeks

If you have had any degree of perineal trauma, feel free to discuss this privately with me for a suitable timeframe.

Mother & Baby Yoga

This will be back again in the Spring.

Outdoor Yoga for Mums

Maternal Sunshine Yoga

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