Mums Only??

Hurray For Gin

You may (or may not) have seen that I'm starting a new monthly class just for mums. The reason behind this is that I believe it's essential to our physical and mental wellbeing to press reset once in a while. As much as we love our 'little ones', motherhood is a tiring job with very little 'annual leave'. The effects of busy every day life can leave us feeling fatigued, taking time out from our 'to do lists' or just adding some TLC for ourselves can feel like an extra chore. Often there is a sense of guilt when doing something just for you (mum guilt) so how could we stop this cycle of "should" and "should not"?

Hurray For Gin

Practice. Lots of practice...there will always be an element of 'should' or expectation with motherhood, whether that comes from ourselves or externally. If we begin to allow ourselves to listen to and follow our intuition, we can recognise our associated negative thought patterns and not feed them the attention they demand. Now, I'm not trying to say that yoga solves everything! I practice yoga regularly and I still experience mum guilt; but the frequency and intensity has definitely reduced when I compare it to my 'less yogic days'.

Hurray For Gin

The other reasons I am championing this class are life is hard at times and you deserve it! I'm hoping I've organised it for a time that is not too inconvenient and made both classes part of the January Offer so its affordable and accessible!

The class will involve gentle flowing yoga movements which will strengthening our pelvic floor & abdominal muscles. I've also added some elements of deep relaxation/yoga nidra as it can be as 45 minutes can be as beneficial as 2-4 hours of sleep....and who wouldn't like more sleep! I hope you can join me!

Lewes - Friday 18th January

Seaford - Friday 25th January

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Seaford, UK

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