New Feature...

If you are lucky enough to remember the days of more! magazine then this phrase will be familiar to you. But, if you missed out on 'position on the fortnight' then I'm bringing it back (sort of!) yoga style!

Every fortnight, I'll be exploring a different pose/asana and looking at how to (ahem) do it and it's benefits during pregnancy and the postnatal period. If you have a pose that you practice regularly and what to know more! (see what I did 😉) or maybe there is an asana you avoid but want to learn about it then just put in your request to me via

First up will be variation of Eke Pada Rajakapotasana, which is also known as Pigeon watch this space!

Just encase you wondered what I'm on about...The 90's in all its glory!

Kelly 💕☀️💕

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