The Upper Body & Pregnancy

One of the many changes that occurs during pregnancy is your centre of gravity.  As your baby (and bump) grows, your centre of gravity moves with it.  This may cause your chin to protrude, your neck to strain, hunched/rounded shoulders, overarching in the lower back and knees to over extend.












You may experience symptoms, such as;

  • low back pain

  • poor abdominal tone

  • slower digestion

  • headaches

  • neck and shoulder pain

Of course, this list is not exhaustive and you may experience more than one at the same time.

During the class, we explored various ways of easing these symptoms and reminding your body of its natural alignment.  These reminders pay off postnatally as the body starts to settle again.  We can't change the centre of gravity during pregnancy, but we can limit its affects on our permanent posture.  By visualising this 'rod of energy' that is our spine, we can start to communicate with the physical body, allowing it to function at its optimum.

From a standing posture, feet a little wider than a hip distance apart, toes pointing forward.  Feel the soles of your feet connected to the floor; big toes and heels. Then begin to bring your awareness up through the body; soft bend in the knees, small tuck in the hips (bringing baby in towards you).  Now your spine; energy flowing through it, up to the crown of your head.  Rolling the shoulders up and away from your ears.  You can gently move from side to side or forwards and backwards, letting the body settle. Allowing your palms to shine forwards or bringing them to cradle your baby.  And breathe...notice how your body feels, notice the thoughts passing through your mind.  This is a really positive pose, let that wash over you.  I like to imagine I'm wearing a crown to visualise this...but that's me.

The practice of mountain posture is a great way to send these postural reminders to your body. You can practice this in a comfortable seated pose too.














"To be pregnant is to be vitally alive, thoroughly woman and undoubtably inhabited" - Anne Buchanan & Debra Klingsporn

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